Friday, November 21, 2014

Guest Bath Design

I have finally returned to organizing and decorating the new home.  The guest bath is the first room to officially finished so I am sharing a few pictures. 

It is a long narrow bath but has plenty of room and tons of storage.  The tile and fixtures are very neutral and a tad dark for me.  I decided I needed to add a punch of color to brighten it up and some thing that softened all the squares in the room.

I was struggling with exactly what to do then I happened on a shower curtain with a circle pattern.  The background was brown and the circles were moss green, wheat, and tan.  The moss green was just the color to add color and liven up the room.

I was fortunate to find just the right green towels to bring out the color on the shower curtain. Although you can't see it the pictures all have that some shade of green so it spreads it through out the whole room.

I choose to add very little to the counter tops to keep it clear for our guest to use.
I am very pleased with how it turned out.  Now on to the next room!

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

A Life Interrupted

Hi ya’ll!  I am in Phoenix or technically Goodyear and love our new home. We moved in July 3rd (HOT!) 

It has been a crazy 3 months.  I was unpacking and organizing when the call came that my father was having emergency surgery.  My parents live in TX so I jumped on a plane.  Spent 2 weeks in there....most of it in the hospital.  Exhausting!  There have been ups and downs but dad’s recovery is going well.

August was organizing and decorating with our brought items.  I had to get  those in place to assess what we were going to need since we doubled our square footage!  I have a few pics here of the empty house and outdoor areas. 

  Looking forward to those winter nights by our courtyard fire place.  I should  get busy looking for a comfy couch!

 The open floor plan of the kitchen/dining/living area is one of our favorite things about the house.
The pool is a nice size for relaxing or swimming laps.  We converted it to salt water so it is also nice on the skin. 

September brought the arrival of our new puppy, Commander.  

A 9 week old basenji puppy with tons of energy.  He has caused my days to be just a little crazy, the good kind of crazy .  As of now we are on an outdoor potty training mission.  I will let you know when that is complete.  Looks like it could be a long haul.

Next blog will show a few of our new purchases and a couple of complete rooms.  That is it for now.  It is time for a puppy pit stop!