Thursday, December 11, 2014

Outdoor Living

One of the best parts of living in Phoenix is outdoor living nine months out of the year!  Fall, Winter and Spring the weather is perfect for hiking, camping, outdoor dining, and evenings by the fire.  Our new home is set up to enjoy outdoor living. 

The front entrance to our home has a courtyard with a gas fireplace which is perfect for windy evenings.  A love seat directly across from the fire place and one chair on each side fit perfectly.   It has a cozy indoor feel with a night time sky. 

The rear of our home has a covered patio.  Our outdoor table set, two red chairs, and side table landed here. 

The pygmy palms will be removed this this weekend.  They are toxic to dogs and our puppy will not stop chewing on the bark! We will fill this space in the spring.

In this before picture you can  see we had grass on either side of the pool. We decided to replace it the same style paver we have in the front of the house. 

Once that was done we had a lot of space to fill.  The larger area was screaming fire pit.  

It is a propane fire pit but this can be removed and an umbrella placed in it for the summer.  Beside the fire pit seating area we put our bistro table with a couple of chairs.  We eat brunch/lunch out here often.  The next purchase will be a grill to put behind the fire pit seating. 

Our lounge chairs fit nicely in the smaller area.  

The outdoor living spaces are definitely one of our favorite things about our new home. What are your favorite things about your home?

Friday, November 21, 2014

Guest Bath Design

I have finally returned to organizing and decorating the new home.  The guest bath is the first room to officially finished so I am sharing a few pictures. 

It is a long narrow bath but has plenty of room and tons of storage.  The tile and fixtures are very neutral and a tad dark for me.  I decided I needed to add a punch of color to brighten it up and some thing that softened all the squares in the room.

I was struggling with exactly what to do then I happened on a shower curtain with a circle pattern.  The background was brown and the circles were moss green, wheat, and tan.  The moss green was just the color to add color and liven up the room.

I was fortunate to find just the right green towels to bring out the color on the shower curtain. Although you can't see it the pictures all have that some shade of green so it spreads it through out the whole room.

I choose to add very little to the counter tops to keep it clear for our guest to use.
I am very pleased with how it turned out.  Now on to the next room!